Tenant Eviction Management Services

This program is an eviction services tenant management program that guarantees existing tenant rent, and payment of any negligent or wilful tenant damage court or rent tribunal order.  No more chasing!  Pensio works side by side with an owner's self-managed rental properties and property management companies.

Tenant Eviction Management Services means:

You shall be reimbursed for unpaid rent:

  • Monthly (up to a maximum of 12 months for any Unit, commencing 30 days following receipt of a valid notice

  • due and payable up to a maximum period of ninety (90) days from the date of eviction completed by Pensio

The maximum annual rent reimbursement to be paid by Pensio shall not exceed Sixty Thousand Dollars ($60,000) in any one Year for any one rental property.

Pensio believes that renting should be as empowering and rewarding as home ownership

Negligent and Wilful Tenant Damage Reimbursement

In the event the legal and approved tenant negligently and wilfully damage your rental property, Pensio’s eviction team will file a claim on your behalf with a recognized provincial court or rent tribunal. In the event of an order by the court or rent tribunal ordering the tenant to pay, Pensio will reimburse the owner within 30 days in the event the tenant fails to pay as ordered. The maximum tenant damage reimbursement shall not exceed Ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in any one Year for any one rental property.

Eviction and Collection

Owner agrees to retain at no cost, the Pensio eviction team to represent the owner in court or at a rent tribunal hearing in respect of a tenant rent default or negligent and wilful tenant damage recovery. Pensio will be the exclusive agent to act on Your behalf to evict Your tenant and collect unpaid rent, or court ordered tenant damages. The owner may, at any time at the owner’s expense, assume direct responsibility for the eviction and collection services from Pensio.

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