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Pensio is a Property Risk Management Rent Guarantee services company focused on providing the residential rental owner and property management industry with streamlined rental management risk services supported by ground breaking rent guarantees.  The Pensio Risk Management System  means simply;  The Rent is Guaranteed!.

Pensio is a participating member of Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc., a protected cell captive insurance company reinsured by reinsurers rated AM Best A or better.

Pensio Rent Guarantee Solutions

The Pensio  Property Risk Management Services rent guarantee programs are uniquely designed and positioned to benefit our diverse client groups, developers, investor-buyers, lenders, existing owners, property managers, and tenants.

Pensio is built on the foundation of core principles: Our client always gets one hundred percent of their rent paid each month, Integrity and High Ethical Standards, Focus on the Numbers, and a Passion to Make Renting Better.

Pensio Team members embody and apply these principles while serving our clients. Team members build and foster a culture of best practices that clients can trust. Clients can expect from Pensio a commitment to excellent work at every level of the organization and in all aspects of client interaction. When serving clients with complex transactional, personal and financial needs, Pensio team members take extreme care in understanding and properly conveying the fundamental implications of the uniquely different Pensio strategies and programs. Crucially, at Pensio, the client is the most important part of the team. Satisfying our client’s needs based on these foundational principles is Pensio’s primary goal. Pensio is anchored by several core management programs:


Tenant Eviction Management


Property Risk Management

Pensio Tenants Canada


Pensio Purchase Power

The Pensio difference

Our rigorous analytical process combined with a deep respect for the numbers are used as a baseline to drive our Pensio core management programs. We provide an entrepreneurial approach to solutions that relies on  innovated and customized thinking. We are able to leverage our analytical and underwriting strengths with decision makers.

Risk Management Alternative Risk Strategy

Pensio dedicates significant time to internal technical and fundamental rental market analysis prior to engaging with a developer client. We utilize that analysis in order to formulate our view of executable outcomes that we share with our clients, their investors, and lenders. Investors and lenders are then able to evaluate transactional terms based on alternative risk transfer strategies.

Property and economic cycles manage the finance and wider residential property development industry. The Canadian rental market is greatly influencing key Canadian property development markets. Canada's average rental rates could increase by 6% year over year on a national basis. In Toronto, rental prices have surged 11%, while climbing 9% in Ottawa. Government intervention in the City of Vancouver's real estate market appear to be stabilizing rent increases, although the greater Vancouver area is experiencing significant rental income growth pushing rents upwards by 7% last year.

Slowing pre-sales, delivery and completion timeline failures are affecting the entire development industry in Canada. The high cost of real estate in Canadian major cities is encouraging millennials to rent instead of owning, negatively impacting home-ownership rates and end-user sales. At 30 years old, 50.2% of millennials own homes versus 55% of baby boomers at the same age resulting in falling home buyer demand. As of 2018, 30% of all residential condominium properties in Toronto are owned by investor-buyers. This national housing change has adversely affected development financing based on a pre-sale risk management finance strategy.

Development finance market overview

Relatively thin local markets are drying up due to the high volumes of supply entering the market. Decreased liquidity as Schedule A lenders reduce gearing from 80% of TDC to 75% and 70%. Increased pre-sales hurdles are now routinely being demanded by lenders. Qualifying sales hurdles are now at 100% debt cover, up from 80% or less. Increased holding costs resulting from delays created by an inability to bring a project to market.

Difficultly settling existing pre-sales due to valuation write downs and the purchaser's inability to obtain financing. Primarily, the current onerous pre-sale conditions that lenders typically require can actually have an adverse effect on the bottom-line profitability and the real post-construction delivery value of a property. Developers at the costly mezzanine financing stage are increasingly having to drop prices and pay higher commissions to agents in order to meet pre-sale demands in what is now a changing market.

Before you start trying to work out which direction the property market is headed, you should be aware that there are markets within markets

— Paul Clitheroe

The alternative risk strategy

The evolving real estate investor-buyer market affecting developers and finance means pivoting away from pre-sale risk hurdles. Pensio has structured a rental program agreement that acts as an optional post-closing conversion agreement. Construction finance can be converted into permanent finance facilities secured by a long term five-year Rent Payment Contract Bond.

The developer's exit strategy post-closing can be long term retention or marketing performing rental income properties to investor-buyers at values far above prices offered buyers to support pre-sale hurdles to obtain development financing. A combination of the above factors makes the case for developers and lenders to engage with Pensio at the outset of mezzanine finance and development finance. Pensio risk and analytical team can provide both developers and lenders at the pre-development finance stage unit and value optimization models.


Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc.

Rentalis fully transfers, or syndicates bond risk to companies rated AM Best A or Better who specialize in reinsuring commercial, and contract surety.

Rentalis was formed as part of an ongoing captive insurance strategy that Rentalis identified as an underserved non-standard segment of the residential rental market and unique stay vacation property industry.

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